Blonde Hair Green Eyes Height: 6 ft Weight: 180 lbs Willing to shave

  • Film

    Upland Supporting Ráchel Lowery
    Dir. J.T. Hathaway
    The Labyrinth of Horror Supporting Rivas Enterprise Films
    Dir. Thomas Rivas
    Elezebeth Supporting Dir. Logan Sharp
    The Invitation Lead M/L Productions
    Dir. Margie Madden
    Element Background Table 31 Productions
    Dir. Jon Keeyes
  • Commercial

    BancFirst Thunder Sponsorship Background Ackerman McQueen
    Dir. Justan Floyd
  • Theater

    The Dark Knight Joker Southwest Church of Christ
    Dir. Jason Leger
    Robin Hood: Men in Tights Will Scarlet O'Hara Jefferson Theatre
    Dir. Jackie McCaughtry
    Grease Eugene Jefferson Theatre
    Dir. Jackie McCaughtry
  • Education / Training

    Film Scene Study & Camera Technique
    Acting Technique & Scene Study
    Audition Technique
    The 5 Second Audition
    Michelle De Long
    Alissa Mortimer
    Sarah Clark
    Sarah Clark
    OKC, OK
    OKC, OK
    Chicago, IL
    Chicago, IL
    Commercial Acting for the Camera Darren Dunbar OKC, OK
    Stage Drama Club
    Drama Club
    Westmoore High School
    Jefferson Middle School
    Moore, OK
    Moore, OK
    Dance Tap 2 yrs. Youth
  • Special Skills

    Worked as a Graphic Designer and Computer Programmer for 8 years.  Played baseball in middle school, and took 3 years of photography in high school.  Played violin for 7 years.  Fencing lessions for 2 years.  Taught a theology class for 2 years.  Enrolled in Boy Scouts for 3 years.
    I can out run a buffalo.
    • Fishing
    • Rappelling
    • Rock Climbing
    • Video Games
    • Ice Skating
    • Rollerblading
    • Paintball
    • Shooting (Firearms)
    • Golf
    • Bowling
    • Cycling
    • Canoeing
    • Light Stunts
    • Singing (Tenor)
    • Horse-back Riding (Western)

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